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( 2019. 07. 05 14:40 GMT+9 )m

한줄 시황

하룻동안 중위권의 반란이 있었습니다.
CoinEgg와 Fatbtc, HitBTC, 그리고 DOBI Exchange.. 10위권을 맴돌던 거래소들이 비트코인 거래량의 감소에 의해 볼륨이 줄어든 상위권거래소들을 제치고 1~4위를 차지했습니다.
페이스북 Libra 발표이후 보여졌던 비트코인과 이더리움의 랠리는 암호화폐시장의 양성화에 기대를 갖은 투자자들이 알트코인들에 투자하기 위해 주요 글로벌거래소에서 기축통화로 사용되는 BTC와 ETH을 사모았기 때문이 아니냐는 추정을 해봅니다.
그렇다면, 앞으로는 알트코인들의 랠리가 시작될 수도….

One line Market commentary

There was a revolt by mid-level exchanges for past one day.
CoinEgg, Fatbtc, HitBTC, and DOBI Exchange .. The exchanges which had remained at 10th~20th place, have overturned the top-ranked exchanges with decreased volume due to a decline in bitcoin trading volume, and ranked at 1st to 4th.
I estimate that the Bitcoin’s and Etherium’s rallies shown since the news of launch of Facebook Libra are due to the reason that investors who expect to nurture the cryptocurrency market bought for BTC and ETH which are used as reserve currencies on major global exchanges for the purpose of investing in Altcoins.
Then, in the future, the Altcoins may start rallying ….

Exchages Ranking

Top 5 Exchanges

No.1 CoinEgg

No.2 Fatbtc

No.3 HitBTC

No.4 DOBI Exchange

No.5 OKEx

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