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( 2019. 07. 04 14:40 GMT+9 )

한줄 시황

비트코인을 비롯한 주요 코인들의 시세는 큰 변동이 없었으나 대형 거래소들의 거래량은 전날 대비 큰폭으로 감소했습니다.
Binance가 전일대비 25.72%가 감소한 2,297million 달러의 거래량을 기록했고,
OKEx가 24.16%가 감소한 1,799million 달러의 거래량, Huobi가 26.56% 감소한 1,643million 달러의 거래량을 기록했습니다.
CoinEgg와 BitMart는 오히려 거래량이 크게 증가하면서 4위와 5위를 차지했습니다.

One line Market commentary

The prices of major coins including Bitcoin did not change much, but the volume of transactions of large exchanges decreased significantly compared with the previous day.
Binance recorded a trading volume of $ 2,297million, down 25.72%
OKEx was trading at $ 1,799million, down 24.16%, and Huobi down 26.56% to $ 1,643million.
CoinEgg and BitMart were in fourth and fifth place, with transaction volume increasing significantly.

Exchanges Ranking

Top 5 Exchanges

No.1 Binance

No.2 OKEx

No.3 Huobi Global

No.4 CoinEgg

No.5 BitMart

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